~ Instruction ~

Make your House Switch Unique!

Just some simple Step..You can do it!

15 minutes to change your wall looks!

See How Easy it Works! Just a few Steps, and 15 minutes! Try it at your house.....

How To Apply Your Wall Sticker

1. Prep Wall:
Ensure the surface is smooth, dry and fee from dust and dirt.Leave freshly painted wall for 3 weeks before applying stickers.

2. Plan your design:

Layout your design before applying stickers to the wall.

3. Get your sticker on:
Smooth on with your hand, working diagonally across the sticker from one corner to another. Smooth out creases and bubbles as you go along.

4. Sit back and enjoy your wall new look!Removal is easy. Peel up and edge and slowly peel the decal off the wall.

You can apply wall sticker to following areas: